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Monday, January 21, 2019


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Off-Road Motorcycle Concept Car Quest  (N/A)

 Off-Road Motorcycle Quest

As personal transport, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles function is significantly different. If you want on the highway, you may need a motorcycle. But not for off-road motorcycles, so if you want covered with muddy trail running, then all-terrain vehicle or dirt car will be a good choice. As the name suggests, is ideal for snowmobile snow road, ice roads and trails. Many people have at least one of these cars, but most people do not have every car. If a car without having to replace tires can deal with all those conditions, it is not it wonderful? See Hyanide - one for the realization of the concept car designed for the purpose of.

Tilmann Schlootz & Oliver Keller for map / Michelin Design Competition Hyanide designers think that it can perform all other functions of these vehicles as a car. It looks like a motorcycle, but if you see the words more carefully, we will find it occupied vehicle with two wheels on the length of the tank-like tracks. Therefore, some people call "tank motorcycle." Because only a small part of the track can make contact with solid ground Hyanide move, so when you ride it, what is almost impossible to stick to the mud track. Hyanide also very light, in part because of its track Bi Tanke or bulldozer tracks on the much lighter, much more flexible. Hyanide the one hand, is ideal for entertainment purposes, on the other hand, there is no need to clean the road on the field activities of people everywhere, it can also serve as the role of a variety of vehicles. It is suitable for park rangers and researchers access to ecologically sensitive areas, because of the long track can be Hyanide the weight distributed to a small area. Its topography than the snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle to be small. Hyanide design Hyanide Specifications Engine: 60 horsepower, 500cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder dimensions: length 101.6 cm, width 91.4 cm, high 228.6 cm Weight: 204.1 to 294.8 kg Maximum speed: 120.7 to 136.8 km / h Capacity: The design of the two Hyanide elements are very unique. Track formed by the 77 piece of plastic, covered with the kind used to make car tire rubber. Kevlar will track together, this fiber is the material used to make bulletproof vests. And bulldozer tracks on the connection of different heavy metals, Hyanide the track quite light, so a better mobility. Hyanide manipulation of some unusual ways. Motorcycle driver to manipulate the vehicle by turning the front wheel, tank control method is to track a moving relative to another track - if the right and left crawler track still move the tanks will be left. But Hyanide no front, only one track. Manipulation of the handle when the driver left, the track's front left bias. Recovery of left foot control, will also turn the track back, so Hyanide have a very small turning radius. Meanwhile, the track continued to travel in the direction of turn, it can always maintain maximum traction.

Drivers using hands and feet to manipulate the system, two hand control lever, two control foot footrest, footrest can accommodate two custom shoes. Passengers can sit directly behind the driver, like riding motorcycles. Hyanide the engine room can be used to the engine currently available, you can also use future technologies such as hydrogen fuel cell - powered engine. Hyanide was originally designed with 60 horsepower, 500cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that can push this guy weighing about 272 kg to about 136.8 km / h maximum speed of advance. The engine is similar to the existing all-terrain vehicle engine Tilmann Schlootz and OliverKeller designed Hyanide. Schlootz26 years old, is the product design and mechanical engineering students. He won several other international design awards, and famous for its innovative motorcycle design. Keller, 24 years old, is a still HFGOffenbach studying product design experts. They create a design competition for the Michelin Hyanide, the contest in January 2006 in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show. Each year, Michelin design students are encouraged to explore a regional theme. This year's theme is California. Organizers also led the designers to incorporate an alternative powertrain, and "consider the powertrain on tire size and visual impact, and electronic tire system technology in the role."

Although Hyanide innovative, but it is not the first people to design personal tracked vehicle. In 1980, a Finnish company to lead a snowmobile without a sled, called Finncat. Instead of sled is a track, the track ends interconnected by the two long segments made ​​of plastic. Joystick control pivot guide wheels, making the track bending in the direction of turn. This configuration so that it can not only work in the snow, but also in other road work - but still in the snow sports is its main task. Mattracks company sells conversion kits that you can actually make the tires of any vehicle converted into a track. Position in the tire tracks devices connected four triangles, a series of gear wheels can be turned into a track of the movement, through a reduction to increase torque. They used to be converted into all-terrain vehicles tracked vehicles Litefoot kits, priced between $ 5,000 to $ 7,000.

Tilmann Schlootz and Oliver Keller for map / Baal is Hyanide Michelin Design Competition for light racing version. Schlootz and Keller also designed another single-tracked all-terrain vehicle - Baal. Hyanide can be used for the case of heavy weather, and Baal is used for racing, it has a very wide control handle, can be precisely controlled, the total weight than Hyanide light. The driver can use it to participate in long-distance cross-country, such as the Dakar or Baja Rally.
 Baal's another impact present, Hyanide only 5:1 model, Schlootz and Keller did not cast into the production of its plan. However, many manufacturers have expressed interest in the concept, so in the near future, we might see Hyanide "soft track" technology in production of the models.
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