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STREET D'fence - Personal Safety Tips - MotoStar South Africa
Monday, January 21, 2019


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New Post 2/21/2012 11:36 AM
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STREET D'fence  (Nigeria)

STREET D'fence

The Top 10 tips for Street D, that's Defensive Street Riding for Motorcycles. If you don't read or do anything else, read the first three, they will save your life.

1. You should always slow down when approaching an intersection. Intersections are where most accidents happen, and unfortunately, it is were most motorcycle riders are crippled and killed.

2. You should never speed up to make a yellow light. Adding speed going into an intersection is the most dangerous move a rider can make. Cars and trucks might anticipate the green and pull into the intersection early, or someone might make a quick right turn. Not to mention all the others possibilities, like a pedestrian or bicycle crossing the road.

3. You should never anticipate the green and lunge into the intersection. Cars are always speeding up to make the Yellow Light and more often than not, they are going thought on the Red Light.

4. Slow down when you see a car waiting to pull out or to cross the road that you are on, see if you can make eye contact or at least see that they are looking in your direction.

5. Always slow down in areas where cars are pulling out into traffic, ride in the outside of your lane. This will make you more visible and will give you more time to react.

6. Always slow down in areas where where cars are parallel parked. Cars will often pull out without looking or open their doors, and cars will often make a quick stop to grab a parking space.

7. Don't ride to close to the vehicle in front of you.

8. When in traffic, ride to the outside or inside of your lane. This will allow you to see changing conditions in front of you, especially those ladders, matrices, desk, chairs, couches, and BBQ Grills that falls off cars and trucks.

9. Don't make rapid lane changes.

10. Last but not least, don't think for one minute that cars are looking for you, the fact is that they are not. To often I see motorcycle riding with "road-rage" again cars that don't see them. In my opinion, this is not only stupid, but a waste of time. I have excepted the "fact" that cars do not see me, and I drive accordingly. It's bad enough that they don't see you, it's even worse when you let them make you act like a fool.

11. Added just for the return of WhiskeyRR - welcome back - Beware of cars with idots talking on the cell phone. Like I said before, people in cars are not paying attention and are not looking for motorcycles. So be onguard.

I hope that people will share other tips and comments for Street D'fence, this is what keeps us alive so that we can ride hard and fast when conditions allow, or on the track.

New Post 2/22/2012 6:15 AM
  Bob Smith
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Re: STREET D'fence  (N/A)

This is some of the best advice out there, I have seen so many people on bikes racing through intersections where the lights are green, thinking that because they have right of way that they are invincible, you only need one idiot to pull out in front of you regardless of who has right of way, to be a dead man.


fast bob
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