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MotoStar | South Africa | Honda | NSF | 100 | Cup
Wednesday, June 26, 2019



The Honda NSF 100 Cup is now in its second year, having started out in 2010. Honda is doing amazing things in motorcycle sport. This is a typical example of how honda is investing in the future of motorcycle racing, by starting right at the bottom with these feeder classes.

A lot of people might not realise how lucky South Africa is to run a series like this and to have it sponsored by Honda. Many other so called "First World Nations", such as Australia and the USA do not have such a series as the NSF 100 Cup, and are not likely to have something soon either.

I have no doubt that this series will produce future South African champions in this sport that we love. MotoStar will be following the action in the NSF 100 Cup from next year, and we will keep this site updated with images and editorial as it becomes available.

Please visit the Honds NSF 100 Cup Facebook Group for more information:




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