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Rossi V4 Ducati Superbike
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Rossi to help Develop V4 Ducati Superbike


The rumour mill is at it again, with Valentino Rossi moving to Duicati for 2011/2012. Ducati has already released the Desmosedici RR in 2008, based on the 990cc V4 ridden by Loris Capirossi. This bike as we know is exotic and rare, but now there are rumours that Ducati is planning a new V4, with design assistance from the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), as Rossi is now known.

When questioned recently on the subject, Ducati Boss Claudio Domenciali, said 'never say never'. Ducati have the opportunity to use Rossi's talents to help develop the bike. Rossi is still the most gifted development rider ever. People that he has worked with say that he is able to test a bike for a few laps, and come into the pits and almost 'download' information of up to 8 different problems with the bike at a time, and how each problem interrelates to the other.

There is no doubt that Rossi will have an influence on the Ducati model line-up, which can only be good for Ducati fans.

Domenciali, also hinted to the fact that Ducati needed to embark on some new projects, and that if anyone had such a test rider as Rossi, they would exploit that rider.



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